Free Beats Volume IV now brings you Volume IV! hope you like it. These songs were composed by Michael Groth.

Play Name Length BPM Get it Size mb
Decibel 2:00 120 Download 2.86
Encrypt 2:00 120 Download 2.91
Hypnose 2:00 120 Download 2.91
Jettison 2:00 120 Download 2.86
Valhalla 2:00 144 Download 2.83
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22 Responses to “Free Beats Volume IV”

  1. jazzy fizzle 333 Says:

    wow the seconed one was fye cuz wow i put a hip hop song i my head and wow so yeah u can really put some beats to it.

  2. smatal Says:

    awsome =]

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Hello to whomever, I would just like to say that Michael Groth’s beats are amazing! my favorite is the hypnose beat.. how can I contact him personally? I just wish that it had a stronger end .. contact me Michael asap

  4. UraGan-! Says:

    Im from kosova can you to do some beats for mee . And to send at my e-mail add pls oki ;) ” You Are The Best “

  5. GuRrThanG Says:

    dope beats

  6. Raven B Says:

    Very well done makes good listenin to just by themselves, and you know if you put hypnose and jettison together in a way so that they end at the same time… You got one even more badass beat!!!

  7. H0w1tw0rk5 Says:

    Ya mon, u just go make beats n tracks wit dis ;) 1. and 2. beats will rock u ass off mon x)

  8. Rosewin Says:

    It is nice


  9. maroun Says:

    plz can u give me a slow beat for my rap song ?

  10. Free Beats Volume IV Says:

    hi, very good thanks.

  11. beauregard farthington Says:

    I’ma see what I can do…see what I can do…

  12. ben Says:

    cool beats

  13. damoski bruh Says:

    Hypnose has such a sick as tune to it, very catchy can be used as a club song love it dude!

  14. vaqka Says:

    iths gonna b hot

  15. Eric Howton Says:

    GREAT stuff! Can’t wait for #5! Been using them on my vids:

  16. Mack Says:

    I made this song out of Hypnose!

  17. deanna Says:

    can i use one of these to make a song?

  18. tbeatz Says:

    kick azz

  19. Moe Habib Says:

    Amazing beats !
    Are they copyrighted?? I would love to use ‘Decibel’ In a video contest entry. Please grant me permission to use it !

  20. milad Says:

    WoW! Darabian rap group thanks you a lot.

  21. samuel kins Says:

    men your beat is tha bombbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  22. Scaffayero Says:

    Yo Good Beats Thank y’all for letting me using some of them to cover my Vidz keep up the good work peace!

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