Free Beats Volume III

We are back with Free Beats Volume 3. Enjoy!

Play Name Length BPM Get it Size mb
Wentworth Went Rapping 2:00 100 Download 2.58
Circle and Pitch 2:00 106 Download 2.42
Running Fast Cutting Sharp 2:00 96 Download 2.49
Four Note Burn 2:00 100 Download 2.13
Middle Seat Flight 345 2:00 92 Download 2.71
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34 Responses to “Free Beats Volume III”

  1. Bekka G Says:

    love the beats used four note burn for my first song Rock your world Feat. Skittle keep them commin !!

  2. HapHDeaD Says:

    I am an aspiring lyricis I do not have the recources to make my own beat’s. If someone would be down to help me with makein me some beat’s I would be more than happy to give all the credit for the instrumental’s to the artist that creat’s them. Write me at to let me know if anyone is down to help me. thanx

  3. Aaron Says:

    omg i love coming to beat storm because i like song writing! but this new beat volume 3 is not that great im so sorry but # 2 and 1 were better but idk its just my opinion!

  4. Mattie Says:

    this is a great site i love your beats


  5. RoJoZa Says:

    Thanks alot!

  6. MastaJFlex Says:

    Wenwroth is really good

  7. Angels17` Says:

    Hey like them Got some more?

  8. Yunique Says:

    I’m looking for producers to make me hot beats for my album coming December 2009. You will get full credit for your productions and I will market you on my site that is being constructed. Please contact me at as soon as possible. Unfortuanately can’t I pay money for producers, but we can see how we can assist each other in our careers.

  9. CrazLox Says:

    Big UPS!! this beats Broke sme seroius JAWWWW..

  10. TeaserMc Says:

    nice but cant you make some grime beats?

  11. hanahafsa Says:

    wentworth is rockin that beat!!!!!!

  12. wizzard Says:

    im starting up with my writing and rapping and listening to your beats are exactally what i there any way we could work something out. for me to get some of your beats for my up coming cd.hit me up at work homez!

  13. groff Says:

    ooo thatbis grait hehe:d

  14. lil G Says:

    i love all of dese beats i want to become a rapper but i cannot make or buy a beat so some help would be very much appreciated

  15. jadexz Says:

    i love it…the first one-Wentworth Went Rapping

  16. Daphne Says:

    WOW..this is my first time that I visit your site…en your beats are awesome…keep up the good work…en I hope more to come…

  17. Jaysen Says:

    The Beats are okay. but nothing special.
    need more soul =D

  18. Bekri Says:

    Your beats are so good

  19. all4christ Says:

    i dont understand? u guys just make beats n let people use them? im liking a couple of them but dont wanna get sued using them cuz im on a record label, could u e-mail me back or somethin? thanx god bless

  20. Havok7oh7 Says:

    Harder bass and more up beat

  21. makayla Says:

    i want to make beats man

  22. admin Says:

    Check the page

    The site uses Creative Commons Attribution2.5 License

    General Guidelines For Free Downloads (We are looking to be credited in the work, but …)

    Do - Use in a track for an album, etc. (commercial or not)

    Do - Use for website audio, cd-rom audio, etc. (commercial or not)

    Do - Share the free loops with friends

    Do Not - Sell the Loops in any way, shape, or form

  23. Ray Says:

    Ey jo , check nice beats for my is circle beat very nice thanks , i make german rapp and on the next day i make a song for my album ….
    THANK YOU !!

  24. 23kylo23 Says:

    wanna more!!

  25. elliott Says:

    what you do is very good and i appreciate that but the beats are not my style. keep up with what you are good, beats but like i said its not my style and what im looking for


  26. Yudi Says:

    the first one fits one of my songs that i write a lot,its awesome,but ill have a problem cuz its small

  27. Lil' Kiallah Says:

    I’ so happy to have finder this blog, ‘cus long time I waz lookin’ for, I’m enjoy it in a betta way.
    Thans a lot.

  28. FuriousExcite Says:

    I killed the “Wentworth went rapping” great beat for an underground artist from NY like me!

  29. Aaron Says:

    i think i know what program u use to make all ur beats they sound good! ur almost there

  30. amandio Says:

    i like this link !!! thanks is small…

  31. jamie galea Says:

    i need some aussie rapping beats i am 14 but i have been told by a couple of aussie rappers i know think im good i gotta get started up

  32. Carson Pruwitt Says:

    Great stuff guys many thanks. Don’ stop.t

  33. tatiaunna Says:

    i will use and mix these up so good to make a hit demo this year is my year

  34. Johnny g Says:

    Woe! Dope ill there jst no describin em keep up da gud work!

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