Free Beats Volume II

You’ve waited quite a while but here it is, volume 2, hope you like it.

Play Name Length BPM Get it Size mb
Hold the Throne 3:45 85 Download 3.44
From Above 3:11 120 Download 2.92
Swirl 3:06 95 Download 2.85
Give 2:58 86 Download 2.72
You’re a Joke 3:06 90 Download 2.84
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77 Responses to “Free Beats Volume II”

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  1. Bhadzki... Says:

    - great beat… love them all thankz from uploading…

    - keep up the good work…

  2. Trevor Says:

    I was trying to find some music for youtube and i did

  3. EBI_iran Says:

    thanks wery good beat …

  4. CinG James Says:

    sday dez iz tight hit me up on some purches. “”

  5. julius Says:

    this site is awesome, will check on it regularly

  6. leyna Says:

    love the beats- tryn them out now

  7. dorieon Says:


  8. babii brii brii Says:

    great beats! i have all the lyrics. im gonna use these for my new album. tyvm!

  9. ZOMB!E Says:

    good beats .. but I have got more ;)

  10. lil lord Says:

    dem beats iz killa. keep em gangsta

  11. Wallu B Says:

    nice beats, i´l allso try something on them,thnx for yor free beats.

  12. jerick Says:

    hey guyz nice beats just keep the good w0tk bless u all????

  13. sma_ck Says:

    I love swirl… yaaa.
    you rock!

  14. legend Says:

    thare some nasty beats on this site that got the potential to really set an artist up yea this is one of the far most better sites to download beats from

  15. Patrick Says:

    I like that drum track in Swirl. That rhythm is on point. Very cool of you to give free beats away.

  16. TuRK STYLe Says:

    Good Beats, Thanks you!

  17. drow Says:

    yeah babe now you talking.(Botswana)

  18. TheBloodyAlboz Says:

    Here you go, and listen it

  19. Tarhe Says:

    The nicest job ever done for young artiste. Keep the ship sailing…

  20. potatoes Says:

    i think this is the only site which provides awesome and free beats ! :D u guys saved my life :D peace!

  21. Alex Says:

    Are all these beats royalty free?

  22. R&B Says:

    Hey Brother’s i really need to find the man that created the beat called : “From Above” plz brothers tell me the sample of this beat i really need it . thnx

  23. Beauregard Farthington Says:


  24. STREETKING Says:

    Yeaa its good beats :D :D :D

  25. Mexican Pride Says:

    Thy alright might use them its all about dat chicano rap ppl

  26. Zunderst Says:

    This beats are awesome…

  27. Kai Says:

    I might use them.

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