Free Beats Volume I

Play Name Length BPM Get it Size mb
Wearin High Heels 3:57 93 Download 3.62
Thirteen 3:28 90 Download 3.17
I gon get ya 3:14 90 Download 2.96
Graveyard 3:14 105 Download 2.96
Like Paradise 3:22 90 Download 3.09
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127 Responses to “Free Beats Volume I”

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  1. rapoglu Says:

    super beats very thanks


  2. Like Paradise Says:

    i want this beat

  3. admin Says:

    Well all you have to do is sign up in the forum and go to the bottom of the forum, it says Downloads and you can get those bottom 2 beats…


    that beats hott cutty

  5. Mary Says:

    Cool Beats Keep it up

  6. AdoX&Lil Bee Says:


  7. walaa gwayed Says:

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice

  8. rob Says:

    tight beats

  9. J Discipline Says:

    Feelin em folk. Holla!!!!!

  10. jjunkyklown Says:


  11. goldenchild Says:

    Im really feeling that last beat alot!

  12. admin Says:

    Some of the comments that come in…..hilarious………………..and…..deleted.


    For the rest of you, thanks for the kind words!!!

  13. sean Says:

    how do i download those two beats now that i’m registered?

  14. SirNgeti Says:

    hi, is it also possible to get the beats in wave format?

  15. admin Says:

    @sean: Log in to the forum and look at the very bottom….

    @sir: Not at this time, this site uses tons of bandwidth as it is, sorry

  16. Capri Says:

    That last beat is hot!

  17. DJ Cynik Says:

    Daaamn…all these beats are smokin’

    But in my opinion ‘Thirteen’ should require signup and ‘Graveyard’ should be at the top with the two other free beats. It just seems like they are of different production type.

    That’s just my opinion, please don’t delete my post admin, I wrote to compliment, not nag.

    Stay up, all you producers out there.

  18. admin Says:

    Thanks Capri and DJ Cynik! Glad you like them :)

    And you’re probably right about the different production types on those ones Cynik. Maybe we’ll move them around in time…..

  19. admin Says:

    Well a couple of the beats are now available to purchase in WAV format. We thought we’d give it a shot and see if you guys are interested. You can still download the beats in MP3 format for FREE as always.

    Later :)

  20. dj AO Says:

    sh*t man soma your beats are fly but you kinda only do chill beats, get somethin agressive, and try producin some west coast style sh*t, everyone loves writing for some low ridin stuff

  21. Pharaoh Says:

    it beats very good i’am using this beat too thanks :D

  22. Manchildxc Says:

    These beats are sick dude

  23. Miki Says:


  24. Rhino Says:

    heavy beats dude keep it up

  25. Doc Says:

    beats r tight

  26. young woo Says:

    them beats hot man thats whats up u sweet

  27. rock Says:

    dat beat was fire.

  28. MC Muss Says:

    Good beats

  29. Masey Says:

    Hello, all my gentlefolk. I truly admire those beautiful beats. I love them. I love the way they move through my body and make me dance. Right now I’m sitting at the computer stark naked, but as soon as I play one of those groovy beats, I’ll be up and shaking my bon bons, tee hee! The rythm makes me so free, like a bird on the wing, so light, chirpy and gay! Thankyou, I LOVE you!

    Peace out, all of my homies and my brothers of the hood! Love each other and smile every day! XXXOOOXOOXOOXOXOOOOOOOOXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOXXXOOOOXXXXOOOO!!! (:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(: Hugs and kisses!

  30. Synskadad Says:

    Sick beats!

  31. Paul Says:

    Dope Beats….. where can i send my finished tracks to so u can peep them?

  32. admin Says:


    You can send us an email Webmaster [at] and attach the file, we love to hear what you guys have created.

    Also, for those of you asking, you can download the member only beats in the forum. Just log in and go to the very last forum called “downloads”.


  33. souls hell Says:

    beats very good you very thanks

  34. milton Says:

    I likes those free beats

  35. adhyl Says:

    da beat n da name “like paradise” is da best. its hot mayne. i like it. i like it a lot.

  36. dj ric Says:


  37. yared Says:

    great beats… keep’m coming!! much luv from mexico…
    animo koras…

  38. T-Bass Says:

    yo wazzup doggs

  39. Joe-Will Says:

    hot beats

  40. Stoffarh Says:

    How do i download the sign up beats, i Am signed up and have logged in, but i still cant dl them?

  41. Danial Says:

    Where am I to get like paradise?

  42. Titro Says:

    Thank you for your nice beatz

  43. inderpal Says:

    how do you download the sign up required beats

  44. admin Says:

    Download the Member beats in the forum. When logged in you will see a new forum at the bottom of the board called Downloads…..

  45. Miya Says:

    Man i luv these beats…i alays look for beats so i can get my carrer on the jump but i never can find any especially at my age zone so Thanxz

  46. Lil Sparky Says:

    these beats got copyrights guyz?

  47. admin Says:

    They’re under a creative commons license, you can use them for commercial purposes. Link to License page is at the very bottom of the page.

  48. lewis Says:

    so r there any other benifits to signing up other than gettin those two tracks?

  49. lewis Says:

    coz i badly want like paradise! and i cant even work out how i sign up

  50. admin Says:

    Lewis you bring up a good point. The mandatory sign up idea was supposed to get the forum going, but it doesn’t seem to be working very well.

    So, we are considering removing the mandatory sign up for those bottom 2 beats.

    I’ll report back in a few days and let you all know what we’re doing.

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